Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: 9/2/2014

1. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series: She would be my BFF, course. I was just like her in school. We'd probably study together during our lunch breaks.

2. Diana Holland from the Luxe series: My romance girl! She always wanted to be a novel heroine and have great adventures. She'd just be fun!

3 and 4. Lola and Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door: Are you kidding? I freakin' loved Lola! How much fun would she be to hang out with? And you can't have Lola without Cricket.

5. Matt from Flat-Out Love: Gotta love those nerdy boys. :)

6. Beau Vincent from The Vincent Boys: Because he'd totally be my boyfriend. Duh.

7. Allyson from Just One Day: The was another character that I saw a lot of myself in. She'd be my other

8, 9, and 10. Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad from the Summer series. I loved all three of these characters and thought the whole time I was reading these books that I would love to hang out with them. Plus, if things don't work out with Beau, Jeremiah is a great choice!

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  1. I don't know any of these characters except Hermione, but I love her! Haha! Thanks for sharing :)

    Here are my Top Ten!


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